Mihano Momosa is a brand devoted to a woman placing her in the centre of it's creativity by giving her the title of a princess and inserting her into a modern fairy tale context.
By balancing between a woman’s need to live her fairy tale and the real world which implies numerous challenges, garments of tender cut are being created thus courageously confronting the woman with challenges of the modern age.
The ideal of love which Mihano Momosa interprets as a premium emotion is manifested through romantic garments embroidered with tenderness.
Being hand made and with the finest fabric the emotion of love is materialised through garments which exude unobtrusive beauty and high-class elegance, providing comfort at the same time.
Mihailo Anušić, a fashion designer who stands for Mihano Momosa brand, insists on creating models which enable expressing a person’s individuality.
Believing that each lady is unique in her own way, he places each woman on the throne of her personal universe, approaching with the same dose of enthusiasm while making each and individual model, holding on to the feminine imperative