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As a brand we are dedicated to creating exclusively women’s fashion, but every now and then we get a special request to create a piece for some little princess.


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We at Mihano Momosa have a long standing philosophy to operate as one, a team standing behind the brand, rather than individuals working for a brand.


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There are few things that Mihano Momosa is known for: our aesthetics, core philosophy and unique design.

Feathered beauty

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Over the weekend Serbian socialite and Elle contributor Anja Stojkovic married her man, Hugo Valente, for the third time.

Wedding season

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It’s that time of the year again, the spring has arrived and the nature is blooming in it’s full glory. A wedding season has officially started. Chances are that everyone is being part of one. This post, however, is dedicated to all our brides and we are looking back to some of the most memorable moments from the past, hoping to inspire brides to be.

Feathers dream

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Lately, feather dresses seem to take the spotlight of the fashion taste. And feathers were always one of our favourite fabrics to create from.

Love notes to go

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This season we are all about messages of love.
Handwritten love notes can be seen on dresses, belts and chockers.

Paris Fashion of the Week

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This fashion month we were elated to see two beautiful women, each special in her own way wear our designs on the streets of Paris during Fashion Week.

Behind the scenes of Bridal 2018

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As we have mentioned before, Bridal 2018 collection is more personal than ever. All our previous experiences were gathered in order to create dresses that embody what love means to us and to our clients


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The main thought behind every Mihano Momosa collection has always been love and every model ever created in the fashion house has communicated this emotion in its own way.