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This post marks a celebration of our newest partnership with the leading online bridal shop BHLDN.


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Known for aspiring to satisfy the constant need of a woman to express herself through fashion, Mihano Momosa is expanding its product line with jewelry, and thus demonstrating the commitment to brand’s philosophy, which, aside from simplicity and elegance, embodies in recognizability.


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In recent days you could see moments from our newest venture.

Season of precious moments

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In case you were wondering why we’ve been laying low lately- it’s because of the peak season for happy occasions.

Inspiration: Colors

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Color blocking is a technique of pairing opposite colors on the color wheel aiming to create interesting and complementary color combinations.


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On a beautiful, sunny day in May we decided to get outside of our studio and meest with a certain influential UK blogger and our favorite hometown girl Tamara Kalinic


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We love sharing our creations with our followers, and everything we have made and achieved, but what all of you rarely get to see is actually a crucial part of our story.
It’s a story about dedication, craftwork, efficiency and above all – LOVE!

Seductive and Sophisticated

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Along with Mihano Momosa signature rose dresses, feather garments have stolen the hearts of ladies around the world.

Street Style

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As a brand, Mihano Momosa has established itself on the fine line between haute couture and pret-a-porter and women gladly wear our outfits for their special occasions, but the garments can also be easily translated into street styles.

Mihano Momosa at Paris Fashion Week

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The high of the Fashion Month plays itself in the fashion capital- Paris. And like every year, we took a little trip with our latest collection.