An ode to a dream. An ode to reality. This is what this collection is. One is incomplete without the other. So dream on. Wake up!
In celebration of our web shop we have created a special editorial. It features some of our well known designs as well as couple of never before seen pieces. It reflects years of dedication and hard work that is now available in every corner of the world.
Inspired by the pioneering spirit of great women, who had been driven by their passion and the thirst for adventure. Mihano Momosa takes an adventure of it’s own. “No borders, just horizons - only freedom” as Amelia Earhart put it, was the starting point for an artistic experiment.
It began as it always does - with an urge to deliver excellence, but the ways of achieving it were many and they overlapped. The collection SS20 exudes fun, drama and attitude. Feather pieces dominate the collection as a touch of tenderness to the strict, almost rigid cuts.
The bridal collection vowed to the visual identity of the fashion house continues to deliver romantic, at all times modern style. Bridal 2019 is enriched with simple and classic cuts, with slight asymmetry and handmade details providing a sense of uniqueness.