Coats are nothing new at Mihano Momosa. For a while we have been making them for our clients, but it was on order-only basis. But seeing a smile on their faces encouraged us to take the next step and formally introduce them in Pre Fall 2018 collection.
We are sure you remember that one!

We were very cautious and invested so much effort in designing evergreen pieces, that could last a lifetime. For the launch we used pastel colors only, as we wanted to emphasize the handwork, heavily involved in production process.
Remember all those magnificent flowers? Bows and buttons? They were all handmade to complement simple yet feminine cuts.

But in Pre Fall 2019 we wanted to go a step further and introduce bolder colors that you are already familiar with: royal blue and fuchsia. Just to let you add some buzz to your winter looks. Still, cuts remain simple and classic, allowing you to wear these statement pieces regardless of the trend.
In this blog post, we are taking you on a journey with us: have a look how we played with colors through seasons, step inside our workshop and follow the production process and fall in love with our coats all over again.



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