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Momosa Adventures – Santorini

Only a few places in the world take your breath away and compare to the magical Santorini. The picturesque surroundings were the perfect setting for our SS 2017 photo shoot. Continuing the tradition of collaborating with fashion bloggers , the star of our photo shoot , next to OLYA bag, was the gorgeous Vanja Milicevic

Vanja tells us more about this adventure below:
-What is it about the Santorini atmosphere that inspires you?
Santorini is a magical place! I know I’m not saying anything new, but the island has a truly unique energy. You don’t really have to do anything, and the colors , the views, the horizon , the scents push you to think outside the box and bring new ideas.
-Which style fits best to the charachter of the island?
Simplicity. Romance. Elegance! The whiteness of Santorini is the perfect scenery. Anything too flashy can’t be tolerated. Balance is aimed in Santorini.
-What does your personal style have in common with the Mihano Momosa style?
At first the connection is hardly palpable, but for me it’s very natural. The pieces are well cut, and carry an authentic style in colors I like. Even though I lean more toward street style, which is dictated by my daily routine, I truly enjoyed becoming a Momosa Princess for a few days. But a modern one, with a slightly grumpy face. You know, like a rockstar princess. I enjoyed wearing every piece, from pastel dresses to the amazing bomber jacket from the new collection.

-Do you think you could incorporate Mihano Momosa style into your day-to-day looks?
My daily engagements require a more casual style and that’s what I feel best in, given the fact that my working hours are not fixed and I never know where the next thing is going to take me. Before anything, the bomber jacket would fit in great, as well as the print suit. Of course, my job involves invites to different events, so a tender floral dress could be a part of my daily life. The point is to adjust your clothes to your own sensibility and with Mihano Momosa that’s a piece of cake.
– How did you find collaborating with our Art Director, Adem Grljevic?
Amazing! I’ve known him for a few years now and have been following his professional development. It’s always a pleasure seeing young talented people reach for their potential. We worked really hard, but we also found some time to see a part of the island, visit a few bars, dance with some new friends from India to the familiar sounds of Panjabi MC and managed to get that extra bronze glow on our skin. Despite the fact that someone had a veto on sun tanning. 🙂

– What was the biggest challenge during this photo shoot?
Climbing all those steps! Definitely fulfilling our goal, but also getting away from Adem to catch some of those October sun rays! Oh yeah, and seeing that those gorgeous Olya bags don’t end up in my suitcase!

Read more about it on Vanja’s  blog,


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