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In A/W 1718 Mihano Momosa reflects on the reality of modern age, turbulent and often confusing as it is, and finds a muse in a woman, who is independent and can afford to take a step back from the circumstances and take time for herself and by working on herself reaffirm her own integrity, to courageously meet the challenges of life. She lives in harmony with the world, but at the same time creates her own shelter, a whole new universe to be governed by her and so her energy spreads through reality, making her even more beautiful.

That beauty, echoing through outer and inner world embodies itself in models, through which Mihano Momosa Woman communicates with herself and the rest of the world.

Elegant and delicate dresses in pastel colors manifest a strong spirit and a tender nature, while daring cuts and combinations of materials point out the power of the woman to bring contrasts into harmony; inner world versus outer world, courage versus tenderness, supremacy versus surrender.

Traditionally, the rose pattern prevails in the collection, with a touch of luxury added with rich feathered dresses, seductive lace, hand embroidery and silk. Different cuts show an opportunity to playfully create classical styles but also daringly mix dresses and pants.

With love,

Mihano Momosa


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