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The main thought behind every Mihano Momosa collection has always been love and every model ever created in the fashion house has communicated this emotion in its own way. Accordingly, wedding dresses have served as a crown to every collection because of their purpose to celebrate the love. Idea to dedicate an entire collection to wedding dresses came naturally to Mihailo Anusic.

The Bridal 2018 Collection is a compilation of experiences the designer had through his work with brides, so every woman who wore a Mihano Momosa dress for her wedding day served as an inspiration. This interaction taken into Mihano Momosa prism brought 14 looks , that make the collection, into existence.

The intention of Mihano Momosa remains unchanged, providing maximum comfort while preserving paramount aesthetics, and the fabrics in use support this: silk, lace, feathers and tulle.

Handwritten notes by the designer, which he and the brides attached to the concept of love, can be seen on the models. In the Mihano Momosa world mention of love echoes… Endless, Timeless, Eternity, Hero of my hearth, I belong with you, Serendipity, Forever, Complete…And those are the messages Mihano Momosa sends with this collection.

No other collection has ever felt quite so personal to the designer as this one. Therefore campaign is followed by footage of Mihailo describing his relation to Mihano Momosa and the significance of every single woman, who shared this dream of a dress with him. This is followed by a video, taken in the atelier, gives a glimpse into the creation process, as well as authentic impressions by some of Momosa Brides.

Finally, Bridal 2018 Collection is an invitation to celebrate love and an expression of gratitude from the entire team to everyone who gave us their trust and enriched the Mihano Momosa world.


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  1. Andrea Rodriguez

    Hello are these dresses for sale? I would really like to purchase one.

    1. Sladjana Radanovic

      Hello Andrea, we have a shop on our web site, and in case that the dress you wish to purchase is not available in the shop, you can make a custom request by sending an email to info@mihanomomosa.com

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