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Known for aspiring to satisfy the constant need of a woman to express herself through fashion, Mihano Momosa is expanding its product line with jewelry, and thus demonstrating the commitment to brand’s philosophy, which, aside from simplicity and elegance, embodies in recognizability.

Made out of the highest quality surgical stainless steel, the earrings and the ring are branded with Mihano Momosa logo, which over time became a symbol of innocuous femininity and as such has established itself within the fashion community and its fans. The launch of the limited jewelry collection is set for September 2017.

The images were made in collaboration with famous Serbian blogger Vanja Milicevic, who is a perfect match to Mihano Momosa’s sensibility. After a tremendous success with Olya bags, jewelry collection symbolically named “I do” expresses designer’s intention to complete the line of accessories, allowing the possibility to personalize earrings with unique messages and thus nurturing its fashion imperative – individualism, while still embracing contemporary fashion tendencies.

So, with this jewelry line Mihano Momosa says ‘I Do’ – to anything that makes one happy, whatever that might be.


Mihano Momosa


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