It is the inspiration that an artist seeks during any creative endeavor and truth be told, it is not always an easy quest.

At Mihano Momosa we are often asked where does the inspiration come from? How collection comes to be?

To be quite sincere, it is a question that yields different answer each time. Although there are immutable leitmotifs for every item that we produce, the process of materializing our ideas differs from one collection to another.

What kind of coat does Mihano Momosa woman need? How to make Olya Bag as practical as possible? How can ordinary clothes such as trousers or turtlenecks become both comfortable and elegant? Can we seamlessly combine geometrical shapes with flower motifs?

Today, we are going to answer all these questions with you, follow along and see how an idea of love and femininity translates into wonderful garments, have a look at our mood boards, the process of sewing and hand crafting. Share our efforts to convert art into wearable and useful clothing.