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Season of precious moments

In case you were wondering why we’ve been laying low lately- it’s because of the peak season for happy occasions. With spring, always comes good weather, and with the good weather comes the time for celebrations: weddings, proms, graduations, the list goes on…

What we love most about this is, that our loyal customers come to us for a special outifit for their special day. The process takes time, weeks and sometimes months of preparations, talks, alterations and expectations.

But there is that one moment, that happens in our studio, when she puts on her dress, her heart starts racing as she takes those few steps to the mirror, she turns around and her face lights up. That’s the moment we’re always looking for!

Her, in her perfect dress, confident and ready to take the next step towards her happiness and success. Oh, if only we could capture that moment, put it in a little box and guard it forever…

To our beautiful ladies, our loyal customers and supporters-we celebrate you and we thank you for your love! We are honored to be a part of your dreams!

With Love,

Mihano Momosa


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