There are few things that Mihano Momosa is known for: our aesthetics, core philosophy and unique design.
And when it comes to design, one could easily assume that roses fabric is the most recognized one of all. This is by no means far from truth, but the printed fabric with peonies pattern is so popular that it made its way to become one of our classics.
It was initially introduced in Rare collection and was available in red only. The blue peonies followed in The next collection. And after being loved by so many of our clients, we just had to decide to keep it available for good.
We just needed to give it some versatility, so aside from gowns and cocktail dresses, we used it to create more casual pieces as well: flowy skirts and bomber jackets.
It is completely clear to us that peonies design is here to stay. It is also available at Harvey Nichols
And you just need to decide, which Momosa team are you, team roses or team peonies?